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Twisted... Taranis®

Backstreet Boys Fanfiction + Ramblings

I'm a lazy ass when it comes to HTML, but I do love writing Backstreet Boys Fanfiction. =) I don't have a specific genre in which my stories are written around, rather, anything goes. I have a selection of the meanest, NC-17, to the most tame, G-rated stories. Whatever suits your fancy - hopefully, you'll find that here. =) I've been a fan for many years, and I'm mucho glad that our boys are coming back. I would appreciate comments being left after you have read my stories. Take a look at our main site, "Fan Domain" to check out more awesome fanfic writers (esp. my co-webmistresses/writers Sweet-Kisses and Nick's Biatch!)


by ashleyissexy

Backstreet is Love